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Subscription Art Boxes?


If you still are interested in the Art Subscription boxes here are the links in the order I would recommend:




Mentioned Products:

Pens (Brand- Item)

  • Sakura- Micron (Sizes 1, 08, 02, 005)
  • ITOYA- Calligraphy dual tip
  • Prismacolor- B tip

Pencils and Eraser

  • Sakura- Sumo Grip
  • Pentel- Graphic Gear 500
  • Mono Knock 3.8 Eraser
  • Miranda Black Warrior 2HB

Inks and Watercolor

  • Higgins- Black India Ink ( also known as Black Magic)
  • Yasutomo- Sumi Ink
  • Sakura- Koi Watercolor

Brush and Cups

  • Princeton Arts and Brush Co.- #4 Liner
  • Richeson- Plastic Water cup ITEM #400203

Colored Pencils

  • Prisma- Colored Pencils