Howdy! I am Felicia Cantu an Illustrator in Portland, Or specializing in hand rendered pen and ink illustrations.

I have been commissioned for pieces since I was 7 years old ranging in many mediums from soda cans, hand stitched screen mesh, acrylic, watercolor, permanent color, digital creation, fabric, wire, and much more. I grew up in Hayward, California where I was taught by many artists focusing on calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration. I moved to Oregon my sophomore year of high school where I was featured in the Salem Art Gallery and in local shops while working daily at the local Art Workshop in various mediums.

With my teachers guidance and after taking every art class offered in high school I was allowed to do 3 month long self guided art installments, as well as commissioned pieces for the school’s functions and walls. After graduating I went to the local community college to focus on Fine Art where I expanded my portfolio in screen printing and charcoal based illustrations. I was privileged enough to be approached by my professor to have a few of my pieces displayed locally around town and auctioned off in two city events.

As fate had it one year later in 2005 I ended up attending school for Permanent Color (Tattooing) and Tattooed for a few years until I decided to turn my attention to Graphic Design and attended The Art Institute of Portland in 2008 to pursue my Bachelors of Fine Art. During my time at The Art Institute I  taught a drop in drawing session every week for two years; teaching up to 20 students at a time. I pursued freelance Graphic Design the full 4 years while attending school and graduated in 2012. Two days following graduation I was hired at Nike’s World Headquarters as a Production Art Contractor and within 3 months was hired on Full-time.

I worked at Nike for 5 years in Apparel Graphics and simultaneously created my own brand Papa Monty an Apparel and Print line named after my parents. I was a featured artist for No Bones for Halftones, and was fortunate to be one of the artists in the Nike Pop Up Shop 525 3 years in a row. After having a rough two personal years I re-evaluated my life goals and decided to hangup my Nike’s for a brush. I am now pursuing Illustration working on product creation, commissions, freelance opportunities and relaunching Papa Monty as a custom work jacket line along with a monthly zine as well as working with a local Kimono maker on traditional garb.

At 30 years old I now have 23 years of experience as an Artist and an Illustrator and am truly grateful for the opportunity to pursue my souls purpose.